Cross country success for Cherry Tree

18th November 2019

Update from one of our running coaches, Georgina Walker:


Amazing results from our kids yesterday at the cross country. We were so proud of all the children. We had lost shoes, tumbles at the start, forward rolls mid race but lots and lots of smiles. 

They exhibited brilliant team spirit throughout and congratulated each other on their brilliant placings, clapping home the last runners. 

Many thanks to Vicki Inskip, Clare Martin, Sarah Harrison for helping me to monitor the teams, give pep talks, switch kits and collate results. 

Can we make it third win lucky for our boys in December? Can the girls continue their bronze medal position? I do hope so! 

Some amazing talent coming through the ranks - out of our team of 21 yesterday only two of them were in Y6 so lots of hope for next year!