Golden Time

Cherry Tree School has a positive behaviour policy.

The children at our school are very well behaved the majority of the time. We feel we are providing clear guidelines and boundaries to support each child in making the right decisions when choosing how they behave. As a result of talking with the children, we are reinforcing our existing Golden Rules, which are as follows:

  •          We are gentle
  •          We are kind and helpful
  •          We listen
  •          We are honest
  •          We work hard
  •          We look after property
  •          We don’t hurt others
  •          We don’t hurt others feelings
  •          We don’t interrupt
  •          We always tell the truth
  •          We don’t waste our own or others time
  •          We don’t waste or damage things

These rules represent our expected code of behaviour and as displayed around school for the children to see at all times. 

Golden Time takes place on Friday mornings. This is a special session where all the children who have kept the Golden Rules all week choose an exciting activity to participate in, and we all celebrate together. I am sure your child will update you about the new activities that we offer.

Children who break any of the rules are given a visual warning that is displayed in their classroom. If they continue to choose to break the rule they lose 5 minutes of Golden Time (only 1 minute in early years and early Key Stage 1). We discuss with the children what happens regularly so that they fully understand how Golden Time works, and we support the children in trying to follow the rules so that losing Golden Time is not a common event.