Our Curriculum

We have begun to work on re-developing our whole school curriculum. Our aim is to continue to deliver high quality lessons across all subjects but to refresh the themes and topics taught and make our curriculum even more engaging and exciting.

All staff have received training and are now beginning to work in a more thematic way. Our Curriculum Overviews (sent home to our parents) highlight the areas being covered each half term and the links being made between the foundation subjects.

Teaching subjects through themes enables our teachers to build on the interests and prior knowledge of the children by focusing on topics that excite and interest them. Teaching in this way helps children relate to real-life experiences and build on what they know. Using thematic units to deliver the curriculum provides an excellent opportunity for integrating content areas in a way that makes sense to children and helps them make connections to transfer knowledge they learn and apply it in a meaningful way.

Learners in our school are encouraged to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Work cooperatively with others.
  • Pursue new ideas and original thinking.
  • Persevere and adapt ideas, applying learning in different situations.
  • Question, hypothesise and experiment
  • Make connections between areas of learning and relate studies to real life situations
  • Use and apply technology in all areas of the curriculum
  • Connect and respond to issues of a global perspective

We follow the Primary National Curriculum

The timetable for each class is largely flexible apart from periods when shared facilities such as the hall and computer suite are used. Maths and English are taught each day. Some of the foundation subjects may be taught over a series of afternoons to enable the children to become fully immersed in a particular theme.

Literacy and numeracy skills are transferred into foundation subjects, for example the children might use their knowledge gained in History about Henry VIIIth  to write a diary entry.

The use of computer technology provides a wealth of new learning opportunities within all curriculum areas. Whilst aspects of some subjects such as Science and RE may be taught as distinct study units, Literacy and Numeracy programmes are incorporated into many areas of the curriculum.