Pupil Premium

If you feel your child may be eligible for free school meals, all the information and application forms can be found on our website under 'School meals'.

In addition, if a pupil has been registered as eligible for free school meals the school will also receive additional 'pupil premium' funding, which is available for publicly funded schools in England.


Where children have been adopted from care, placed under Special Guardianship or subject to a Child Arrangement Order (formerly known as a Residence Order) schools are eligible for the Pupil Premium.  Pupil Premium funding currently provides £2300 per year (for Reception to Year 11) and £300 (for age Pre-school children aged 3 and 4).

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools to tackle some of the specific challenges eligible children face which might put them at a disadvantage to their peers.

In order for schools to receive this funding, we need to know children are eligible when we complete the school’s census returns.

We will not necessarily be aware that they have an adopted or a previously looked after child with us. Therefore, it would be helpful for parents and guardians to present their child’s information.


For further details, please contact our Headteacher, Mrs Graham. Pleased be assured that this information will be handled discretely.

Email - CherryTree_Primary_Head@warrington.gov.uk 
School Office : 01925 755885