Sickness, Medication & Asthma

All absences must be reported to school.

Please telephone the school before 9:30am to let us know when your child is unable to attend school for any reason. On the child’s return a note explaining the reason for absence is also required. There are certain incubation and exclusion periods for communicable diseases. If you are in doubt as to these please contact the school.


Children should not be brought into school until 48 hours after they were last sick or had diarrhoea, to help prevent spreading illnesses around the school.

If a doctor says that your child may return to school but must continue taking medicine we may administer this for you if it has to be taken several times a day, but we prefer you to come into school yourself to administer the medication.

We will only administer medicine in school if the medicine is prescribed by a doctor, brought to school by the child’s parent/carer and handed to the office with a completed medical form (see below). Please note, verbal messages from children cannot be accepted. 

If your child suffers from asthma we would be grateful if you could complete the details below and return the form to school as, in order to best help those children who suffer from asthma, we need some information regarding their current treatment.