Cross country success for Cherry Tree

Cross country success for Cherry Tree

Whole School Visit To Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo Christmas Treat Trip

The following report was written by Finlay, Class 5:

“Last Monday Cherry Tree got to go on a very lucky trip to Chester Zoo, to see all of the animals.

First we went to the butterflies that were whizzing around. If you were lucky, the butterflies would land on your arm. When you looked around, you could see the butterflies eating fruit in the trees. In the greenhouse it was very hot because they are used to hot temperatures.

Next we headed to the giraffes and they were all trying to get out of the door. There was a 6 foot baby giraffe there too. After that we got to the elephants, some of them started to eat the hay from a net at the top of a very tall pole.”

Everyone enjoyed their free entrance to the zoo and the chance to go on a visit as a whole school. Thank you Chester Zoo!


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