Our Governing Board Members

Christine Mitchell-Brown

Chair of Governors

Christine is a resident in Lymm and has been a governor at Cherry Tree for more than eight years. She cares passionately about supporting Cherry Tree and helping to improve the children’s educational attainment by being able to work as part of the wider team on the Governing Board.

Her experience working in the IT sector for major US and European blue chip companies means she brings a strong business and commercial perspective to the work of the Governing Board. She is particularly focused on ensuring the school utilises resources to add the greatest value to the school and will go the extra mile to ensure school needs are met fully within challenging budget constraints.

In her personal time, Christine loves keeping fit, cooking, cracking crosswords, reading and travelling.

George Bainton

Parent Governor

Appointed as Parent Governor in March 2018.

In 2007, George took early retirement to enable his wife to progress her career as a primary school teacher. Since then, he has focused his time on his family and is very active in various activities at Cherry Tree, particularly helping with the After School Running Club and the parents Running Club. Having gained some insight in the life of the school, George has developed a real interest in becoming involved with Cherry Tree’s future to ensure we continue to deliver the best education for all children.

Before retiring, he worked as Principal Technical Officer for Network Rail, which means he brings particular skills in health and safety to the school and Governing Board as it was a major focus in the rail industry and in his role.

George has two children at Cherry Tree (although one shall soon be moving up to the High School). Outside of Cherry Tree, he is a member of Lymm Runners and also enjoys karate and cycling.

Viv Charvill

Co-opted Governor

Vivienne is a resident in Lymm and was appointed as a co-opted governor at Cherry Tree in 2018. She has had a longstanding association with Cherry Tree since 2001, serving for twelve years as School Association Treasurer and subsequently as auditor. She is committed to maintaining the very high standards at Cherry Tree.

Vivienne is a Chartered Accountant and worked for twenty eight years in the finance industry before starting her own wellbeing business. She brings a wealth of finance experience and her passion for wellbeing to the board and is very much looking forward to supporting Cherry Tree in both these areas during her term of office.
In her leisure time Vivienne enjoys voluntary work, dancing and time with her friends and family.

Louise Haskins

Co-opted Governor

Louise is a resident in Lymm and has been a co-opted governor at Cherry Tree since 2013. She is very passionate about helping the school to maintain its status as an outstanding school. She also supports the creation of a learning environment that encourages achievement and raises standards whilst at the same time supports the happiness and social wellbeing of the children.

Having worked with teams in a highly regulated industry and for clients, through her own business, in the public and private sector, Louise brings skills and insight in strategic planning and implementation, business management and her core competency of marketing and communications.

In her leisure time Louise enjoys time with her friends, family and the church she’s been associated with since childhood in Padgate.

Shirley Sawyer

Co-opted Governor

Shirley was a teaching assistant at Cherry Tree for 12 years and during most of that time was a school governor. Since retiring, she is seen regularly in school helping the children to develop their skills in painting and drawing.

Shirley enjoys all aspects of art including painting and attending local and regional exhibitions. Her commitment to the children’s on-going development and insight as a former teaching assistant is of immense value to both the school and the Governing Board.

Away from school, Shirley enjoys travelling, reading and is an avid Warrington Wolves fan.

Linda Skett

Co-opted Governor

Appointed in October 2020. Linda has been a resident of Lymm since 2016.
She is an active member of the local community through Lymm Jubilee WI and
Lymm Runners.

After thirty six years as a primary school teacher Linda took early retirement in 2019 and is looking forward to being part of a school community again in a different role. She is already getting to know some of the parents through the
Cherry Tree running club.

In her spare time, Linda enjoys yoga, gardening and spending time with her grandson.


Jo Young

Vice Chair / Co-opted Governor

Jo has been a governor at Cherry Tree for seven years, initially as a parent governor and now as a co-opted governor since her children progressed to Lymm High School.

She was drawn to the role through a desire to learn more about how the school operated and to play a key part in its continued success. Today, Jo continues to be driven by seeing pupils thrive in such a wonderful environment. As a former business analyst and European Marketing Manager she brings commercial acumen and great financial rigour to the work of the Governing Board.

As well as being a cricket coach and manager, Jo enjoys outdoor sports and cooking – she’s a well-known member of the Lymm Pudding Club.

Phil Adams

Staff Governor

Mr Adams is a valued teacher at Cherry Tree and is the School’s SENCO lead.

Claire Caton

Co-opted Governor

As a resident of Lymm, Claire is passionate about education and is delighted to be volunteering in the local community in her role as co-opted governor.

Claire brings over ten years of communications experience, and uses it to great effect in supporting the work of the Governing Board and in particular to the development of the Cherry Tree area of the website. Like all of her fellow governors, Claire is committed to maintaining Cherry Tree as an outstanding school.

Claire most recently worked as a press office manager at Merseyside Police, having previously worked at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority and Ofqual, the examinations watchdog.

In her spare time Claire, enjoys volunteering in the community, spending time with her family, and outdoor pursuits particularly snowboarding.

Helen Graham

Head Teacher

Helen has been the Head Teacher at Cherry Tree since 2012. Her teaching career began in Moss Side, Manchester where she taught Year 1 and Year 2 children before moving to Cherry Tree. The opportunity to become the Head Teacher at the school was a further exciting progression for Helen from her role as Deputy Head.

Being a member of the Governing Board is a given as a Head Teacher but prior to her appointment, Helen served as a teacher governor at Cherry Tree School – taking the time she has served on the Governing Board to over ten years.

Helen’s commitment to the school is evident in everything that she does. She is passionate about ensuring that all of the children have an exciting, relevant and fun education. Her leadership and inclusive style is of immense value to the Governing Board, which looks first and foremost at the needs of the children. Her depth of knowledge and attention to detail is essential to the way the Board monitors and reviews the work of the previous year and plans ahead to develop our school further. It’s a partnership with the common aim of making Cherry Tree School the very best that it can be.

Anna Patterson

Parent Governor

Anna is a resident in Lymm and has been a co-opted governor at Cherry Tree since 2017. She is passionate about Cherry Tree and, in her role as governor, seeks to support the happy and nurturing environment at the school. She believes this is a hugely important factor in helping the children to achieve their social and learning potential. Equally, it is essential in enabling them to foster positive relationships with each other and staff members.

Anna’s experience in the legal field as a barrister practising in family law means that she brings legal expertise, analytical skills plus an eye for detail and compliance to the Governing Board.

In her spare time, Anna enjoys spending time with family and friends and travelling.

Georgina Walker

Parent Governor

Appointed April 2017. Georgina has been a resident of Lymm for 14 years, having grown up in Thelwall. She is a very active member of the local community and, as such, has been involved in many community fundraising projects and committees including Lymm Tennis Club and Lymm Runners.

Georgina is passionate about encouraging parents and children to take part in sporting activity. She particularly enjoys leading the school ‘Change for Life’ club, coaching the ‘grown ups’ in the Cherry Tree running club and helping with the school run club.

Having worked in the Financial Services industry for many years and running the family businesses, Georgina brings a wide range of business, sales and negotiation skills to the Governing Board.

In her spare time, Georgina is a running fitness coach, an ultra-marathoner, enjoys yoga, and gardening.