Here at Cherry Tree we’re passionate about reading! We encourage all of our children to read as a priority, utilising guided reading groups as well as whole class reading activities. We know the importance of reading for pleasure and how creatively stimulating it can be; exploring a new story or returning to an old favourite.



We are lucky enough to have a good sized library decorated with a beautifully illustrated wall. It serves as a store for all the junior classes book areas and mini libraries. All junior children are also able to visit to change their books when necessary. The library is maintained by junior librarians who work hard. They also select books and set up an outdoor reading area on dry days where children can read if they wish.

We have a smaller infant library where key stage one children can chose a book each week.

Book areas

We have book areas that are a feature in in every class. They are planned for and changed regularly. Each year group has a significant author that changes termly, to promote that author, their style and familiarise them with a range of quality and interesting texts. All book areas are structured with fiction, non- fiction and poetry and then books to then support their topic. Front facing displayed books are there to grab the children’s attention. Children will recognise books they have enjoyed from previous years too. We aim to have good quality books that reflect a diverse world. Our aim is to promote reading for pleasure in school daily.

Author visits /Workshops

Each year we plan visitors to school. We invite a range of nationally known and local authors, illustrators poets and storytellers. Our children have enjoyed listening, composing, writing and even entering competitions after these sessions.

Reading dog

We have been lucky enough to have our delightful reading dog, Abbie, work with our younger children now for several years. The children who did this benefitted massively in confidence and absolutely loved the experience.

Book fairs/ book character day

We have two book fairs each year where a love of reading is promoted. All classes are taken to the fair prior to its opening to have a first look. These are really popular and allow us to purchase even more books for school. Our book character day is always fun, with staff and children alike dressed up for the day. An assembly where the children and staff parade for each other is always looked forward to and a winner from each class receives a book from the fair.