If you have to keep your child away from school because of illness please contact school via ParentApps or telephone and leave a message explaining the reason for absence before registration (9.00am) if possible.

If your child is ill in school we will contact you to inform you if it is serious enough for them to be sent home. If they have bumped their head we send a slip home in their book bag for you, and if it is serious we will contact you immediately.

Please ensure your emergency contact details are always kept up to date.

Illness, Sickness & Diarrhoea
The Warrington Guidelines for Infection Control and Communicable Disease advise us to exclude pupils who have symptoms of diarrhoea and/or sickness from school until they are symptom free for 48 hours. If they return to school too soon, they are often not fit to be here and are likely to pass the illness on to someone else.

For guidance on other illnesses/infections; such as Chicken pox, please refer to the attached document:

View Guidance on Infection Control Poster

If your child has asthma please complete the asthma form and return it to school. If your child requires an inhaler, this should be clearly labelled and handed in to school during the first week of term. Inhalers are kept in class and administered by the pupils as necessary.
Head lice are common among young children and their families. Within most schools, at any one time, there will be a small number of children infected with head lice. Please check your child regularly using a nit comb (available from the local chemist) to help us prevent an outbreak – we suggest ‘Once a week, take a peek’. If you find evidence of head lice, please treat your child before returning them to school.
Medical Appointments
Please try to arrange doctor and dentist appointments outside of the school day. If your child is required to have a medical appointment during school hours, please advise us via ParentApps or send a written letter into the School Office, before the appointment date.
Medicine, Lotion and Suncream in School

Parents should be aware that there is no contractual obligation for staff to administer medication. Parents who are able to visit school to give medication to their own child are asked to do so. We would appreciate it if you could ascertain from your doctor whether prescribed medication can be taken outside the school day, however we do recognise that there are occasions when your child is fit and able to attend school, providing they are able to have a dose of a prescribed medicine during the school day.

Any medicine required during the school day, including tablets and creams, must be in date, must be accompanied by a school medication form (available from the school office or parent app – see forms for printing), and need to be accompanied by the medicine information leaflet. We have forms for short term medication and ongoing medication (for example, if you child suffers from allergies). The medicine, spoon/syringe and accompanying letter should be delivered to and collected from the school office by an adult for safe storage. Please note, verbal messages from children cannot be accepted.

Throat sweets are not allowed in school. Children with sore throats are encouraged to drink plenty of water.

When the weather warms up, please apply suncream before school and send your child with a hat; if you do not apply all day suncream, your child will need to reapply it themselves, and it will need to be sent in their bookbags in a clearly named container. When the weather becomes very cold, we will allow the children to bring lip balm into school but it must stay in their coat pocket and only be administered during play times.